Join the Fight Against Big Tobacco!

What is the Tobacco Prevention Network?

If you want to join the fight against Big Tobacco and their special interest lobbying effort in Tallahassee, you have found the right place!

This grassroots organization was formed in 2010 to link local Tobacco Control groups throughout Florida and give them a voice at the state level.

Since 2007, Florida has used the funds from the Tobacco Settlement Trust Fund to expand tobacco control efforts. These funds have been used for a statewide media campaign (Tobacco Free Florida), expanded cessation efforts through the Florida Area Health Education Centers and the Florida Quitline, and local county-based prevention programs managed by the Florida Department of Health.

These programs are based on the CDC's 2007 Best Practices for Comprehensive Tobacco Control Programs. These guidlines establish the need to work on changes in tobacco policies, such as smoke-free parks and schools and restrictions on tobacco marketing.

While these are laudable goals, local Florida communities are faced with some legal restrictions to changing local tobacco policies; some of these restrictions exist within state laws. There are also certain tobacco policies that can only be changed at the state level, such as increases in tobacco excise taxes.

Become a member of the Tobacco Prevention Network of Florida and add your voice to the growing wave across our state working to protect the next generation from this deadly addiction!